Sunday, April 28, 2013


This week we are highlighting an item we brought on board a month ago, called Slap-Penz.  It's the future of pens, not just a fade!  This slap bracelet pen is practical and functional in any industry.  You can wear it on your wrist, you can slap it on your purse or backpack, it goes where ever you go and it's conveniently available when you need it.  The slap-penz bracelet is made out of 100% soft and durable silicon and is safe for kids.  It comes standard with black ink and holds about the same amount of ink as any standard pen.  A variety of ink colors and replaceable cartridges will be available soon. 

Not only is Slap-Penz convenient and practical, the company also gives back.  With every purchase you make of the Slap-Penz, you will also be donating 10% of the total sale to 1 of 3 charities; Pink Ribbon International (supports breast cancer awareness and research), Reading is Fundamental (supports childhood literacy) or Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (not for profit hospital for children).  It's another way of Slap-Penz making it happen not just for you, but for the community as well! 

If you haven't check out Slap-Penz yet, do so today!  These pens retail for $3.25 each.

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