Sunday, March 3, 2013

 As the weather slowly begins to warm up and March Madness gets under way, the more likely you’ll see a rise in injuries.  Going into the month of March Althea Medical Group’s focus is to aid in preventative care.  We understand that injuries are inevitable, but we want to make it a little easier on our clients’ wallets by offering discounted pricing on all of our orthopedic braces this month.  Having the proper brace or support is sometimes, half the battle.  Whether your injury ranges from an ankle sprain or a strained back we have the brace and supports you are looking for.  Each week this month we will highlight a particular brace or support for the ankle, knee, back and wrist. 
This week we are highlighting AMG’s Ankle Brace AK-016, which is a slip on brace with laces and a figure ‘8’ support strap providing increased stability and maximum protection.  This is one of our most popular braces because of its contoured design and open heel giving a snug and comfortable fit.  The AK-016 model has a low profile allowing it to fit comfortably into shoes.  It is made of lightweight nylon fabric and mesh for breathability and is machine washable.  This brace aids in keeping the foot and ankle in a neutral position preventing and treating ankle sprains.  To ensure optimum performance and support when wearing this brace, thighten the figure '8' strap from a seated position with your foot on the floor.  
Regardless of all your best efforts with preventative care, injuries are bound to happen, but Althea Medical Group is here to help make your recovery a little less painful.    


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